December 3, 2022

3 ways tech is disrupting the business world

One of the biggest beneficiaries of tech throughout history has been the business world mostly because from the industrial revolution, most new technologies have been meant for the business world. New technologies will often be designed for commercial purposes then later customized for non-commercial purposes.

In this article, we are going to look at 3 ways tech is disrupting the business world.

1 The adoption of cloud computing

As far leading 21st century innovations are concerned, cloud computing is no doubt among the top on this list. Gone are the days when businesses whether large or small had to make huge investments in physical servers and data storage devices not to mention data security. Today however, the availability of cloud computing has significantly brought down these costs as the business world no longer needs to invest in such physical structures as this can be done much cheaper through virtual platforms.

2 Tech has helped increase output

Businesses that are technology driven are registering tremendous increases in output at the same time a reduction in the cost of production. Incorporating technology at every stage of the production process has ensured that there is more efficiency in the process therefore more output is being produced at a much lower cost.

3 Tech has advanced customer segmentation

The business world has benefited significantly from advancement in software development as well as proliferation of internet technology and mobile devices because as a result of this, it’s become much easier to segment and target customers. This is an important factor in business because designing and implementing targeted advertising and marketing campaigns has become easier, cheaper and more successful.

It’s safe to say that tech in business has barely scratched the surface and we are likely to see more disruptions in the years to come.

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