December 3, 2022

Here are 5 details commonly left out during events planning

The process of events planning is usually pressure-packed especially if the stakes are high. It never really matters whether it’s a global tech event or a wedding, anything that can go wrong will go wrong and in this case, it’s overlooking details that should have made it on your events checklist.

In this article, we are going to look at 5 details that are commonly left out during events planning.

1 Preparing a detailed breakdown of activities

Often as part of events planning, the team will prepare a program for the day of the event which is often for the consumption of the guests attending the event. What the team also needs that they will often forget to prepare is a more detailed breakdown of activities that will take place behind the scenes in order to ensure that the events program runs smoothly.

2 Name tags or badges for attendees

Events are generally meant to give attendees, whether they are sponsors, guests, volunteers and so on an opportunity to network. This usually becomes much easier when they have badges or nametags as they remove the hustle of making introductions. Mostly during events planning, the team is likely to just remember nametags for the ushers.

3 Factoring allergies and food preferences

In most events, the attendees will always be given some type of sign-up sheet that will often ask for most of their basic details but will often not ask about potential allergies or food preferences. Considering that food will be served in most events, this is a crucial detail that is left out when it shouldn’t because it can be life threatening.

4 Getting a license for alcohol

When planning events where alcohol will be served, many planners will always invite a vendor assuming that they have a license to serve alcohol anywhere. It’s always a good idea to first confirm what the law in that particular state states because in some cases, the vendor may only be licensed to serve alcohol in their premise of operation and not at your event venue therefore you may need a separate license to serve alcohol at your event.

5 Getting a music permit

One thing many event planners are never aware of is the law of copyright when it comes to music. Most events you go to will always have some kind of background music from a wide range of artistes and in many cases this will be music for a person’s personal collection probably on their phone or laptop. This is actually illegal and can result in a hefty fine. It’s therefore very important to ensure that you get a music permit from the relevant authority.

The next time you find yourself in an events planning team, be sure to remind the team not to overlook these 5 very important details.

We trust that this has been an insightful article. We would like to hear your take on it.

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