October 21, 2021

How to Sleep on a Plane

Buckle Your Seat belt Over the Blanket

Buckling your seat belt over your blanket might seem odd, but there’s a good reason for it!

If the seat belt sign comes on and the flight attendant needs to check for seat belts, they won’t need ot wake you!

To avoid this, make sure to wrap yourself in your blanket, and only then, buckle your seat belt.

This way, even if you fall asleep, flight attendants will still see that you do have your seat belt on and let you sleep in peace.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Whenever possible, wearing comfortable travel clothes will make sleeping that much easier.

A good lounge set is ideal like these cute ones on Stylewithinreach.net.

Not only are these sets comfortable, but they are also cute and give you an effortlessly chic airport look.

If you are traveling for business, consider quickly changing your outfit in a bathroom before jetting off to your big meeting.

At least this way you are rested and refreshed!

Book a Non-Stop Flight

Unfortunately for your wallet, direct and non-stop flights are usually not the cheapest ones.

But they do have the advantage of getting you straight to your destination, without you having to get off the plane and back on another one.

The more time you have on one plane, the easier it is to get some quality, restorative sleep.

Take a Red-Eye

Red-eye flight are generally cheaper which should compensate for the fact that direct flights are usually more expensive.

And they allow you to save on accommodation costs, because you can sleep in the plane!

By flying red-eye, you are also less likely to disrupt your usual sleeping pattern, so it will help with jet-lag if you are changing time zones when traveling.

Choose Your Seat Wisely

The main decision you have to make when booking your flight is whether to buy a First Class ticket or fly in Economy.

If you’re not on a budget or have been saving miles, consider splurging on a more comfortable option.

First Class seats have the advantage of offering a lying position, making sleeping much easier.

If First Class just isn’t an option, you can still choose the best seat in Economy.

Always opt for a window seat, this way you can lean on the window for more comfort rather than being stuck between two people in the middle seat or in an isle seat where everyone can stare at you or bump into you.

Emergency exit seats are also an excellent option

Use a Sleep Aid

Aside from melatonin, there are so many other supplements that may be taken if you would like to fall asleep, whether you are on a plane or in your bedroom.

Some common examples are:

  • Magnesium
  • Kratom
  • Lavender
  • Ginkgo biloba

These natural sleep aids work in different manners.

For instance, magnesium works by relaxing your muscles and telling your nervous system to calm down.

On the other hand, valerian root, passionflower, lavender, and ginkgo biloba help to reduce stress and anxiety, both of which can keep you from having a restorative kind of sleep.

Kratom can be found online at Genolevures.org and works by calming the nervous system and relaxing you, providing feelings of well being.

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