December 3, 2022

5 Jeep Modifications and Tech: Lifts? Offroad Lights? More?

The Jeep Wrangler is one of the most modified vehicles out there. There are more aftermarket parts for this vehicle than most out there. In vehicle world, modifications quickly become a “right of passage” into what it means to be truly own a vehicle.¬†From a love of the outdoors to adopting a unique aesthetic made possible by Jeep mods, we’ll look at a few different pieces of technology to set you apart from other Jeep Owners on the road.

There are several mods that you should consider. Regardless of budget, there are both cheap and expensive mods but these will vary based on your individual preferences. Let’s take a look at some of the more budget friendly mods and then work our way up to the most expensive mods you can make.

5 Jeep Tech and Mods to Consider

1. Handles

With the new and supportive jeep handles, you can instantly improve the look of your jeep. A simple solution that allows passengers to exit or enter your vehicle and give your Jeep a sporty look. For just $12 to $50, you can find various grab handles to highlight your vehicle.

2. Off-Road Lights

Off-road lights are one of the second things people opt for. Visibility is very important when you’re off-road and in an area you’re not familiar with. Off-road lights come in a variety of styles ranging from bars to 4″ LED spot lights. Funrover mentioned that most Jeep owners will opt for LED bar lights that they mount on the hood with a harness. Lights are one of those things that can range from $40 up to $800 depending on the type of lights you want to invest in.

As long as they are waterproof, durable, and have a decent lumen rating, you’re off to a good start.

3. Cold Air Supply

For increased performance, a cold air supply is an effective way to achieve more power. The cold air intake sucks the cool air directly into the engine, allowing the engine to generate more power, making it easier for off-roading capabilities. As for performance modifications, adding a cold air intake is a cost effective solution. You can expect to pay between $150-$400.

4. Rock Sliders and Chassis Protection

Before you go off-road, it’s important to know exactly what your Jeep is capable of, especially on terrain you’ve never experienced. An excellent way to protect your vehicle regardless of your driving experience is to have a rock slider.

Rock sliders are a major mod as they are a barrier between your vehicle and any material that might be located under your Jeep. They are connected to the vehicle’s chassis and their true function is to protect door sleepers and door floors. By adding a rock slider, you can save yourself from a potential problems you might otherwise be at. You can also expect to pay anywhere between $150 and $350.

5. New Tires and Lift Kit

One of the first things people like to upgrade are their tires. With that said, it’s also one of the most expensive parts you can buy, and you need four of them (4 tires). If you are looking to off-road on any terrain and basically take your Jeep anywhere and everywhere then you’ll want to invest in a lift kit as well as super swampers.

You can expect to pay a couple thousand dollars for the entire order. Super swampers range from $300 to $400 (per tire) and a lift kit ranges from $400-$500. Lift kits are essential in combination with super swampers because it will help in driving over rocks and uneven terrain.

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