December 3, 2022

3 reason why robots are not likely to replace humans soon

Opponents of tech that involves robots and artificial intelligence are primarily against such tech because they see it as a threat to humanity from taking over jobs to the insane notion that they will take over the world. Whereas it’s true that robots have indeed taken over some manual jobs that were predominantly done by humans, especially in places like factories, we don’t actually see robots replacing humans to a large degree in other areas.

Here are 3 reasons why robots are not likely to replace humans anytime soon.

1 Artificial intelligence can’t build relationships

Humans are social creatures and it’s this ability to socialize that enables us build relationships which become very valuable in many aspects of life including business. Keeping this in mind, the notion that robots can replace humans especially in the service industry is absurd simply because artificial intelligence can’t be programmed to build relationships. Whereas people may flock an establishment where they are served by robots once or twice just for the experience, they will soon revert back to establishments where they can actually meaningfully interact with staff because it’s human nature.

2 Artificial intelligence can’t replicate empathy

Humans will often prefer dealing with fellow humans because they can empathize. A person serving you will be able to tell whether you are angry, sad, excited and so on and even share in this emotional moment with you. This is something that robots will never be able to do as ones and zeros can’t be organized in any combination to replicate empathy. Therefore whereas robots may cut down on personnel costs, they may end up costing you more by losing your customers because they can’t empathize.

3 Artificial intelligence will never be programmed to think outside the box

Any robot you encounter has essentially been preprogrammed to give certain responses based on feedback it receives. This therefore means that a robot will only be able to respond to situations that have been anticipated and codding done to cover those responses. This is a limitation that humans don’t have. It’s a reality that you can never anticipate and plan for every situation and certain circumstances will require out of the box thinking in order to resolve and it’s during such circumstances that humans thrive. This is one of those areas where robots can’t beat humans, and are not likely to in this lifetime.

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate that robots and artificial intelligence shouldn’t be seen as replacements for humans but rather a helping hand to complement humans. Therefore technology shouldn’t be feared but instead welcomed.

We trust that this has been an insightful article. We would like to hear your take on it.

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