September 29, 2022

Top Sports to Watch the Chicago Air and Boat/Water Show

Chicago is rich with scenic tourist spots to visit but once a year, there’s the Annual Air and Water Show that you definitely shouldn’t miss! And if you’re planning to witness this awesome spectacle this year, you don’t have to squeeze yourself in with the hundreds if not thousands of crowds just to get a blanket space by the beach.

There will be some awesome aerial and water/boating activities as well as shows throughout the whole day. Along with the usual sponsors, Boat Supply has decided to continually support and promote the Air and Water/Boat show to further their Line of Activities they would like to participate in!

Elevate your experience with a unique picnic on the rooftop or a sumptuous buffet by the beach. You can also move one level higher and have a wide view of things in the sky while relaxing. In this article, we will give you seven of the most luxurious spots where you can enjoy watching the Chicago Air and Water Show.

Oddysey Cruises

If you want to take the experience even higher, you can go for a cruise with Oddysey Cruises. This luxury vessel features a beautiful rooftop lounge, an elegant interior and a host of other luxury experience and stuff to enjoy!

A three course buffet is also available while you are watching the planes soar high and perform exhibitions and stunts! It’s really a thrilling show to watch from a floating luxury ship!

360 Chicago

It’s a high-rise spot that will give you unobstructed view of the event. Yes! You can enjoy the Chicago Air and Water Show from 1,000 feet in the air! Once you get tired of looking up and out, you can switch to looking what’s down under from your current altitude with TILT.

It’s a viewing platform that literally tilts the rider away from the building which gives a view of how small things are on the road from 1,000 feet above!


Caffé Oliva

If you’re planning to watch the spectacle with your friends then this place is a perfect spot! Enjoy the open bar and the packages of all-you-can eat that includes a buffet of ‘Make Your Own Ice Cream Sundae’.

A cabana is also available for 10, 15, or 25 friends. This beautiful place is located on 550 E Grand Ave. Ohio Street Beach.


Shore Club

A beachside viewing party is being hosted by this new dining and cocktailing place in the North Avenue Beach Area. Enjoy their signature Shore Club Brunch which is included from 9AM to 2PM together with a premium open bar.

They usually host a pre-show event for everyone to enjoy and if you need an upgrade from your General Admission ticket, the VIP cabanas are available in the Oasis at Shore Club. Tickets for early bird are at $80.


Theater on The Lake

With the additional 5.8 acres that was added to the lakefront at the Fullerton promontory in 2015, the Theater needed renovation which is why it now has a restaurant that features Chef Cleetus Friedman.

Theater on The Lake hosts viewing parties with some of the best view of the action that happens on the lake. Tickets usually go on sale but most of the time it’s around $125 per person plus tax. This includes open bar access and lunch from Blue Plate Catering. Kids 12 years old and under are at $50.


Skydeck Chicago

This is a place that’s quite far from the real action but is the tallest spot which gives a long view of the event. Yes! You can see performers and other participants fly from far away airports and converge together in the air.

If you want to enjoy an exclusive experience which is not available to the public, you can choose to watch the show from The Metropolitan. It is a members-only club from Willis Tower’s 67th floor which offers food and drink. It also gives you a VIP access to Skydeck.


Oak Street Beach Food + Drink

It’s an oasis-like place that gives off the feel of tropical getaway for customers to enjoy. They offer a host of ala carte menu for you and your friends or family to enjoy. Seats are also charged but the fee still goes towards your food and drink during the visit. There are Local vendors are including places to find great memorabilia and other things!

This place is located in 1001 N Lake Shored Drive.


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